8 Golf back: VAG resumed deliveries of the hatchback

8 Golf back: VAG resumed deliveries of the hatchback


The leaders of the Volkswagen group took the decision to suspend the supply of the Golf.

Cars are sold in European countries are equipped with devices for communication with emergency services. Volkswagen engineers have noticed that some modules in the model of Golf do not work properly, causing the connection is unstable.

Therefore, the leaders of the group decided to temporarily stop supplying vehicles to its customers, as the latter has been notified.


But after a few hours in the Volkswagen talked about the fact that the problem was quickly solved and disruptions in the timing of deliveries is not going to happen. The problem “disappeared” in the software.

Now on the Volkswagen Golf will be installing new software responsible for communication between the driver and emergency services. But now the main problem for the representatives of the group – review of already sold cars.

Only 15 thousand German motorists have time to get the cars with the faulty unit, how many in the whole of Europe is not yet known.

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