8 minutes – and done: Chinese electric crossover GAC Aion V with super fast charging

8 minutes – and done: Chinese electric crossover GAC Aion V with super fast charging


The Aion brand, created by the Chinese corporation GAC Group specifically for premium electric vehicles, announced that it will equip the Aion V crossover with the latest charging system from this fall.

According to the Electrek edition, the rate of replenishment of energy storage of the GAC Aion V will be almost comparable to the rate of filling the fuel tank. At the same time, the electric crossover will also be ultra-long-range: the top-end modification with new batteries will be able to travel up to 1 thousand km.

For the GAC Aion V off-road vehicle, the company will offer two options for fast charging. The first, more affordable technology will provide 80% replenishment of a fully discharged battery in sixteen minutes. If the battery still stores 30% of the energy reserve, then up to 80% can be charged in ten minutes. The second, more powerful system will reduce these intervals to eight and five minutes, respectively.

The GAC Aion has already said that such an extreme rate of replenishment of the crossover’s energy reserve will not harm the batteries themselves. Even if you use only the fastest charging at room temperature, the battery life will be up to 1 million km. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the batteries themselves Aion intends to make on the basis of graphene.

The GAC Aion V SUV with the most powerful charging system will receive batteries that will provide it with a range of up to 1,000 km. A more affordable modification will be able to travel up to 500 km on a single charge. These Aion V models will hit the Chinese market this fall.

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