80 km/h on an electric scooter on a city street

80 km/h on an electric scooter on a city street


A man on an electric scooter drove at a speed of over 80 kilometers per hour through the busy streets of London. And the driver turned out to be guilty, who filmed this disgrace.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to the Daily Mail.

A video posted online shows a man on an electric scooter easily overtaking cars. Judging by the speedometer of a nearby car, the extreme sportsman managed to accelerate more than 50 miles per hour (over 80 km/h).

And although the scooter was wearing a reflective vest, in the event of an accident it would hardly have helped him – for this he would have to be tied to his chest and back on a down airbag.

In social networks, as usual, the hype immediately rose. Some called the impudent traffic offender “absolutely insane” and, believe me, it was the most censored expression.

But for some reason, most users fell on the driver who filmed the video – instead of following the road, he shoots on a smartphone, endangering other road users.

And although the driver of the car swore and swore that the video was filmed by a passenger, this did not help much. He was immediately told that the distribution of this video sets a bad example.

It should be noted that even without this incident, the authorities of London were cool towards fans of electric scooters. After the recent incident with the explosion of one of these scooters in the subway, their transportation in public transport was banned – even when folded or disassembled. The metro police said they had already seized 3,987 private electric scooters in total.

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