80 Supercars lost in a Roundabout

80 Supercars lost in a Roundabout


This is the last supercar run I did in my i8 – I joined 80 others and we got lost in a roundabout. Thanks to Supercars Majlis we ended the run a Festival City where we displayed the UAE Flag with the cars. The next day I went to see my doc for a little top-up and got the low-down on which men usually get Botox @LCAPSplasticsurgeryFollow me on:www.instagram.com/supercarblondiewww.facebook.com/supercarblondie

okay it’s your ‘flag day this is the day where we just celebrate national pride UAE flags we are in Sharjah Emirates here in the UAE – right next to Dubai we’re willing to do a drive through the UAE which is always so let me explain to you how this is working we’ll go inside we’ll talk to the organizers but basically we’re making a flag a UAE flag or with the supercars here today holy smokes look at the lineup these gold flakes hey are you you need to register yourself at the run how incredible is this like where else you get 80 super cards together on a run these are the cards alone okay these two different groups are gonna move on after 8:30 so what i doing out okay so what we’re doing this is that festival bait it’s basically on the bay near festival city here in anything okay so this is gonna rebuild the fly green cars white cars we’ll just have to like Daniel arap I you have celebrities but definitely one the craziest lineups we’ve got roughly 18 supercars here and they’re just piling up right now here in the back all the way down there they’re gonna come around the building and they’re gonna drive back to Dubai are we gonna build this whole massive flag out of these supercars his license plate in UAE six that would cost more than the car that license plate does cost more than that car absolutely there was d5 so then look very similar to c6 that was sold or I think 30 36 million dirhams so that’s ten million dollars that license plate was sold for and he’s got c6 alright so everyone is lost we have been driving around this roundabout for what feels like about 10 minutes we are literally just going in circles cuz no one knows where to turn this is our third around around the roundabout does anyone not think this is ridiculous I think this Lant Lambos had an office like I’m gonna take a leave this is it Michael what the hell are you doing hurricane this hearkens like nah I’m not putting up with this anymore these going around again no I bet these guys are going to pull over they’re like we’re not gonna rack up any more miles on our cars this is ridiculous we’re gonna pull over – like I’m not gonna rack up 50 miles around this roundabout until someone tells us what is happening look at all these air SWE’s gt3rs okay this is our fourth round around the roundabout we’re just showing off this is part of the plan you know we just go around and around this roundabout just all afternoon to show off our cars I think we’re going around again I’m just saying I’m just putting it out there I think we’re gonna learn Oh no we really go around again we’re going around again it’s quite funny with three SVS going I realize I’m doing this is not the walk at jbh you know so with this the police blocking yay the police like like you’ve shown off enough get off the roundabout that’s enough it is lying off so long oh my god it’s a snake of supercars snake actually because so incredible so she basically said we suck no one’s one who wants to listen to my singing my songs beautiful it’s pregnant ah sweet but why don’t you be the judge close I know so we’re still farming behind supercars through the mountains the valleys and the mountains what is often misunderstood is that the UAE is all about high-rises modernity supercars which it is that’s what we see behind us but what we see in front of us is another side of the UAE these mountain ranges are just incredible the nature that you see here in the UAE you can’t forget it and this is when we get our reminders when we come out here we all drive as a group and we see these incredible Rangers behind us I think we’re gonna head out now we’re gonna head back to Dubai Festival City where a lot of people are gonna be joining us because they have worked out an incredible location right on now on the bay there for us all to meet and for everyone in the UAE to come and join us so it’s gonna be great we’re gonna head off now I eat eat avocados roaming around these guys starting it off starting it already whoa what exhaust yup camera shaking oh stop rubbing it that was insane it’s so funny everyone thinks the i8 is slow it’s actually not a slow and then when they’re behind me they’re like mimes totally gonna overtake the IE and I’m like boom you can’t get me I mean where else in the world can you do this literally stop traffic for supercars to pass through this country awesome this is soaked driving right where the pedestrians all right that is it that has been an awesome awesome run with supercars Manolis thank you so much for having me hope you guys have really enjoyed it just as much as I have the next run will be very soon here in Dubai now we’re all going to be driving along the side of the river year to make the UAE flag SCM logo on the Intercontinental we’ve got all of these people I am the lone away what a day look at all these people here it is still the retention I was last night a my goodness I’m still recovering about the i8 today it is now Saturday I’ve got two completely different things happening yesterday it was the car on space I’m gonna take you guys through how it all works because I know I’m not the only one who didn’t know anything about it until like six months ago this guy here has no clue make sure you looking your best hi all right make me pretty so this is my doctor he is responsible for making me look my best right absolutely so my summary – have you ever seen such a difficult case like her you know I feel that what we want is to keep this beauty so we know like a lot of my girlfriend’s going for Botox but I don’t know many guys who do but these this is like guys do get it and also the guise of especially not men that to the other important position they love to do Botox because they they have a less expression or later on so when every meeting so to close important these will have less in expression so it would be more difficult for the counterpart we have to try not to analyze you know they need to do that the poker face really yes what do you drive if I’m anything yeah I’m driving occasionally support roll call invader um neither yeah it’s quite scary beast Sydney small as well no better than that it looks better really yeah so now what we get to do with just to clean the skin so journey sorry oh come on oh yeah it’s very going out with my finger next tiny I know can you fall for me well relax now you know it tiny detail injection here damn don’t Oh Johnny yeah well he’s bummed yeah they go away by going enough in our own and they secret don’t touch them to massage you don’t do anything just leave yeah you can wash your face you can make a packet weather came along I have a facial massage that would have met or anything that give pressure great that’s it we’ve eaten my happy heat we are just about to go and pick up another car the 488 GTB so we’re gonna see you on another vlog around divided very shortly have an awesome one please like and subscribe love you guys see you next time

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