$800 per month: Model 3 turned into a passive source of income

$800 per month: Model 3 turned into a passive source of income


Tesla Model 3 owner uses his machine to mine cryptocurrency. An enterprising motorist plugs a laptop into an electric vehicle’s 12-volt port.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with reference to CNBC agency.

Siraj Raval, a resident of San Francisco, California, has invented an original way of earning money: he uses his Tesla Model 3 electric car to mine cryptocurrency.

He connected an Apple Mac mini laptop with free bitcoin mining software via an inverter to a 12-volt port on the center console – this way the machine’s battery powers the graphics card directly used for mining.

To save money, Siraj charges his Tesla at city charging stations, where electricity is cheaper than at home. At the peak of the value of cryptocurrencies in 2021, an enterprising American earned about $ 800 a month from cryptocurrency mining.

In the future, Siraj Raval plans to transform his Tesla Model 3 into a fully autonomous robotic taxi that earns cryptocurrency anytime he is not driving.

Note that in the middle of last year, the Canadian electric car manufacturer Daymak announced a model capable of mining cryptocurrency while charging. Her debut is expected in 2023.

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