8×8 Floating Monster Truck Spotted in Dubai

8×8 Floating Monster Truck Spotted in Dubai


This is a Russian made vehicle called the Shaman. It can swim in the ocean using just its wheels but it also has a detachable propeller so it can go faster. It has so many different modes including ‘crab’ mode. Check this thing out!!Special thanks to:Streit Group – @streitgroupAvtoros – / @vezdehod_avtoros – [email protected] / @bob_zzThe8 Hotel – The Palm Jumeirah – – @thepalmtowerdubai

[Music] so [Applause] this is your day off at the beach guys it’s made in russia how cool is it yeah so it’s yeah literally that an amphibious tank like it swims in water how crazy that’s the craziest thing i’ve ever seen what’s up guys supercar blundy here on the beach and we’re interrupting a few sorry to interrupt your beach day that’s amazing you’re like so um let me show you around this incredible beast [Music] look at this this truck or vehicle has a propeller i’m going to attach this right now go for your life expert comes in or like an actual propeller yeah so this actually can already swim by just using the tires you guys nice we are in one of the most beautiful locations in the world the palm jumeirah just look at this view come around here in dubai and that right there is the palm tower residences the tallest building on the palm atlantis you know that too and we’re on their beautiful beach so massive thank you to the eight hotel which is just here as well [Music] all right you guys ready for this ready let’s do it nice look at this baby all right now we’re gonna go take this beast and just uh drive it around in the ocean let’s do it let’s do this thing why not jump in guys this is your little portal come check this out guys look at here wow look at all these seats so you can configure that any way you want to all right come with me guys look at this you’ve got the driver’s seat right in the middle here and look at all these buttons buttons buttons buttons this is for inflation and deflating the tires this right here is crab mode and that means that the car will drive sideways so we’re going to grab along the beach i’ll show you that and this one here actually turns the front wheels in one direction and the back wheels in another so you can do tight turns because it’s such a massive truck this one is just normal driving mode here are we ready okay come join us how sick is this there’s like that one bus from mtv what’s that show called from mtv no not cribs though uh okay we’ll get there eventually next next next remember when they sit on the bus all right so what we’re gonna do guys is test this beast you’re ready to do it all right ready six speed manual you guys you drive it very very normal first i wanna show you crab crawling once she goes i’m going to press this when i’m out all right head out i want to show you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] how cool know where they put handles yeah that was insane awesome all right now let’s go swimming so this basically locks all the wheels in one direction so i’ve got to press this this this and this and then i’ve actually got to put it in neutral and this power button here look at this one here this actually transfers the power from the tires to the propeller that we just put on the back the tires won’t spin anymore it will actually just spin the propeller so what i need to do is just drive normally with the gas pedal and that will spin the propeller at the back right ready [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right now come on in guys what we have here is like seats for a million people and you can actually make this however you want this back section it can be this can actually fold out as a double bed so there’s a double bed this is for you nathan just relax in the back while we go swimming in the ocean this is a cool table push like that and then these things come out boom you can work that’s what it looks like when you’re working by the way like that and then this can actually be used it’s already been converted into an ambulance it’s being converted into a humanitarian vehicle like to go rescue people in like swamp situations and all of that it’s actually made by avdoros it’s a russian company yeah and then you’ve got these cool lights right leds and then you got them on the top of the car as well it starts at 200 000 so that’s just like that i know it’s kind of surprising it’s not money well yeah no you thought i was going to say like a million yeah yeah so two hundred thousand dollars and then if you want like what uh whatever upgrades that you want in the car it goes up from there obviously this should be a supercar landing screaming in the back [Applause] look i can crowd this way quickly ready grabbing grabbing grabbing and then crowd this way that is so cool you guys that’s it guys i hope you enjoyed the video thank you guys so so much there are so many people involved in making this happen today to of toros the maker of the vehicle to the eight hotel where we are right now the palm jumeirah um we had to get so many different permissions so thank you so so much for doing all of that also to stride group who uh own the vehicle here in the uae and i think we’re out [Music] [Music] so

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