$9,000 for being pulled out of the snowdrift

$9,000 for being pulled out of the snowdrift


Kelly Rockwell got her car stuck in a snowy lane on a highway in Redford, Michigan. The tow truck operator rescued her from a snowdrift and estimated his services at $ 9,000.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to WXYZ Detroit.

A large snow break has formed on one of the highways in Michigan. Kelly Rockwell got stuck in it. Shortly after the mass captivity, about 50 cars skidded in the snow, tow truck operators appeared, including 10G Towing and Recovery.

“The tow truck driver just walked up to our car and asked if we wanted him to get us out and we said yes because we assumed they were from the police,” Rockwell said. She said she was relieved to be pulled out of this chaos. But her relief turned to anger as soon as she received the $9,000 bill.

The following items were present in the estimate:

  • towing – $2195;
  • trailer mileage – $200;
  • payment for the work of the second driver – $ 250;
  • rental of special equipment – $650;
  • drivers’ wages – $800;
  • keep car $525;
  • COVID-19 risk coverage – $395;
  • fuel fee – $50;
  • administration of all services – $1900.

It was necessary to pay separately for the use of an onboard platform and a winch, a total of about 600 dollars. The company also added a 20 percent tax fee to the total. Rockwell notes that her car was not even badly damaged, it remained on the move. According to her, when she contacted her insurance company, she initially refused to pay the bill.

According to insurance investigator Tom Berry, there is nothing illegal about such a large bill. He says, however, that evacuation companies are not allowed to do business at the scene. Neither the police nor Kelly called a tow truck, so it’s unclear exactly how she ended up at the scene of the crash. After this story was first published, Kelly’s insurance company still covered the bill on its own.

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