911 Modified by Singer | Porsche 911 Tribute

911 Modified by Singer | Porsche 911 Tribute


Although the new Porsche 911 is really quite marvellous, James takes a spin in a 911 modified by Singer Vehicle Design – a custom built tribute car that cherry picks the best bits from 50 years of 911 history. And it creates something really quite special.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

here it is and I agree in terms of appearance it’s changed rather less over the past 50 years that I have the interior may be more ordered and Porsche nerds will spot that it’s a couple of inches longer but to normal people it looks just like another 911 in truth though this is all new the body for example is now made from aluminium which means it’s much lighter and lighter is good the 3.8 liter flat 6 engine has been upgraded there’s a new 7-speed manual gearbox which is fantastic and all-new suspension which does its job impeccable but 50 years Porsche of bloody-minded Li stuck with this daft idea of building a car with the engine at the back but half a century of consistent fiddling around and it mainly worked brilliantly it’s so good that it brought on a temporary attack of yah machinist turn in get a little squeeze of power feel it all tighten up I could you not like a 911 and that question brings me on to an important point strange to say it but this car has a big problem and that problem is classic 911 enthusiasts so then this car is the work of Satan and simply because it isn’t an old 911 they’ll give you a good example this car has electric power steering and to be honest I’m perfectly happy with it so rejuvenizer and if you put electric power steering on a Lamborghini or a Maserati nobody would bat an eyelid but on a 911 this simple technical development has turned the faithful into an angry roaring mob storming up from the village with pitchforks and blazing effigies shouting witchcraft what they actually want in a new 911 is a 911 that’s new and yet not new what they want is this the work of a small Californian company called singer this looks like an old 911 and some of its parts are indeed cherry pick from past 911 but the whole car is custom-built and where necessary it spattered with modern touches the engine is another classic 911 3.8 liter flat six but this one has been fettled by Cosworth in California and develops 360 horsepower and a lovely buzz getsu in there and although the body may look like it’s come from a 1960s Porsche almost all of it has been remodeled in carbon fibre the result of that is that this 911 weighs 200 kilograms less than a new one and that’s like taking a harley-davidson out of the luggage compartment so yes it is a tribute bad but it got rocked like the original no better actually the precision on the steering you didn’t feel that obviously cuz you’re not in here but it’s utterly intuitive look it’s an old 911 it feels old and then I get to the Hammerhead and the brakes are tremendous naught to 60 takes four and a half seconds and the top speed is 175 miles an hour but actually in this car those figures are irrelevant the interesting thing is they could have overdone this I mean it would be possible to put the turbo engine in this car they could have made it ludicrously powerful but they haven’t they’ve concentrated on the sensation of performance the noise the vibration the feel of the steering that’s what actually matters before we go any further you’re probably wondering what all this excellence costs well the bottom line is it’s a lot around 280,000 pounds in fact now that is a lot of money for a car I know but then again fifty thousand pounds is a lot of money for one of those Dior couture dresses until I learned that over 2,000 hours of immaculate handiwork goes into making it it’s the same with the car the monks of this Monastery of the 911 have prostrated themselves before their icon and anointed it with exquisite gifts each of these cars takes 4,000 man-hours to make and each one features unique touches like the rev counter in this one that goes up to 11 as a tribute to spinal tap what this is in truth is more than just the perfect bauble for the devoted 911 enthusiast what this is but it’s a bit like the Eagle e-type the Jeremy drove a few series back it’s a love letter to a car you

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