919 Street: what could be the new Porsche hypercar

919 Street: what could be the new Porsche hypercar


A video has appeared on a foreign Youtube channel, which shows a Porsche 919 Street racing car in detail.

About a year ago, Porsche took car enthusiasts by surprise by unveiling a slew of concept cars that hadn’t been shown to anyone for a long time. The lineup, from the various versions of the 911 sports coupe and the Safari-style Macan crossover to the electric minivan, has been stunning. But perhaps the most interesting of them was the street performance of the Porsche 919 Street.

The electrified hypercar, conceived as a legal counterpart to the Le Mans winning LMP1 race car, was conceived in 2017 using the same 900-horsepower hybrid powertrain as the 919 racing car.

Blogger Supercar Blondie has posted a video on her YouTube channel detailing one of the examples of this German supercar.

Keep in mind that this is not a machine per se. This is a full-size clay model, as the project was discontinued at the time, and there are no plans to release a production version of this model, which would be a full-fledged successor to the 918 Spyder. Porsche’s new hypercar won’t be out until 2025, which is a shame because the public would really love the Porsche 919 Street. Of course, the car is about more than its design, so we are sure that the engineers of the German brand had good reasons not to continue this project.

Adapting a hybrid powertrain for a road car would likely require a lot of work due to emission standards and reliability concerns.

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