A 14 year old can legally drive this car | Citroën Ami

A 14 year old can legally drive this car | Citroën Ami


Citroën wants everyone to have access to a fully electric vehicle, that’s why they’ve launched Ami. It’s designed to be compact and agile and offer a more protective way of getting around in urban areas. In France, teens from the age of 14 and above will be legally able to use it! Imagine getting this kind of independence at that age and not having to cycle in the cold or use public transport at night. Follow me:This video is sponsored by Citroën #ami #Citroën #ad

what’s up guys do be careful on D here in Paris France and I’m here with Citroen for their latest launch this is a car that a 14 year old can drive and it’s right over here I want to show you some of the coolest features of this car this is an all electric car that literally your 14 year old daughter a son can jump in and take them off to school and come back from school and take themselves off to like sports after-school activities all by themselves in this God if I had access to something like this when I was 14 trouble yeah big shovel no you imagine the kind of independence you would have that is so so cool this door openings here on the back so you’ve got one door that opens this way and then like a supercar vibe right here a suicide door okay alright so you’ve got one door that opens this side one door that opens over there no it’s something else cool to show you fully electric car how do you charge it I was like where is it like when can you charge this thing I was looking around I couldn’t see any port right here and look at this okay some high-tech stuff right here it is what you have hanging on to your hairdryer a normal plug this is crazy you can literally just plug this into any socket from zero to a hundred percent battery it’ll take the three hours within half an hour you’ve got twenty kilometers on the clock around that to be able to duck down to the shops and back and you take your phone with you and boom bada bing bada bang you’re ready to go the range on this car is 70 kilometers if you charge this to full it takes you three hours to charge 270 kilometers and then look you just kind of shove this back in here this here is a hyper car element you guys okay this is a weight saving device so you’ve got something like this on a lamborghini aventador to pull the door down one of the most popular sit trans the douche raw or the 2cv which is actually over there we’ll go have a quick look you see the windows pop up the same way so that’s what they wanted to do and look I was trying to get out I was like oh my god I can’t get out look this little strap here you just pull and this pops open you actually pop your phone in here just pop that in there and that becomes your center console so that is really the heart of the car that’s how you know you can play your music from your phone your GPS etc etc you’ve got a little USB charging port here as well which is really important there’s a little area here you see this space here that is actually for your own speaker so you can bring your own little portable bluetooth speaker pop it in the front here and then you play music from that speaker now it’s super simple to drive but unfortunately this is the only car I’ve not been allowed to drive ever I don’t know if I don’t know man it’s probably too powerful no bits yet so this car has around seven horsepower I was like did I read that wrong 707 horsepower has five point five kilowatts on from the batteries right it’s limited to 45 kilometers an hour you can get around the city pretty much you don’t go faster than 45 kilometers anyway around major cities to plus it’s capped there so that younger people can drive this it’s pretty easy to drive but I’ve been watching the guys drive it today you just got the drive neutral reverse here and then you’ve got the brake the accelerator and you’ve got a little handbrake down here off you go alright what’s also cool about this car you guys is that the designer the person leading the project for this car is a woman and she’s here right now Kate come on over say hi to the supercar blondie fam this is Kate everyone she’s actually led the project which is kind of cool all right so surprisingly the designers don’t actually get to drive the car as one of the first people um you’ve been waiting all day for this moment I have I’ve been complaining all day that I’ve never driven anything and here you are again this is the very first drive how does it feel amazing there’s a lot of vision like everywhere you look you can see that’s not the case with a lot of cars like the sunroof does that come with all of them yeah okay sunroof is fixed it doesn’t open but can you get a starlight roof you get in a Rolls Royce right I later Dalit records plan we’ll get there eventually all right let’s talk about the coolest stuff the design features that you were like I really really really want this on the car like it has to be on the car we really want some fun six figures so when you buy the car you get like a sticker book actually it’s kind of like that and then you put them wherever you want exactly really yeah this comes in seven different versions you guys so you’ve got the basic model and then on top of that they have like all these extra options right so you’ve got the wheels the hubcaps here like personalized you’ve got roof rack on the roof day you’ve got the bumpers at the front and the back there’s lots of different things that you can do and also it comes with stickers who doesn’t love stickers when you get like a pack of bright orange stickers you can literally stick them anywhere on the stripes here on the roof let me stick them here wherever you want them it’s yours to play with so that’s kind of a cool element that it doesn’t just come like standard they give you stuff and then you just kind of personalize it a zeger I think there is a market for it he had seeing as 14-year olds can drive it imagine if they can take themselves off to after-school activities and you don’t even have to be there driving them around like a little taxi service like most parents feel like they are dead of winter in Paris it’s super cold out there and I see these guys driving scooters around they’re freezing their butts off okay instead of being exposed right you can get this car for six thousand euro a lot of people are buying scooters around 3000 euro so for six thousand euro you’re actually covered it’s got heating this being like the size of a car and looking like a car you’re going to be much more visible on the roads so it’s a lot safer can buy it for six thousand euros or what they’ve got is a rental scheme 19.99 euros a month so you can rent this out on a monthly basis is actually the concept car that came before Amy came out obviously this looks a little bit more futuristic you’ve got these cool lights here on the front you’ve got these cool lights that jut out here on the side this is the difficulty right we’re like why does it look like this why did I come out looking this futuristic the issue is you’ve got to keep the costs down right that’s the whole point or one of the major points with a car like this you’ve got to keep it affordable so to keep it around six thousand euros you can’t have all of these fans but design-wise overall it does have pretty much the same shape this is a little bit more bubbly at the front instead of just coming down pretty much similar in that actually you’ve got more room I think in the actual army than you do here in the concept car and then this here is the famous 2cv they really wanted to keep some of the design language from this car like these windows here the flip-down windows this car was around for so along over 40 years and it pretty much didn’t change in style it’s really a massive part of citrons history so there you go guys there’s a new army from Citra thank you so much for having us down here a me actually means friends so let us know what you think of it would you get one yourself or for your kids let us know I just think it’s kind of cool that you would have that kind of Independence as a 14 year old you know driving around the city that is massive that would be massive for me back then drop me a comment give me a quick thumbs up on the video and subscribe to the supercar blondie family alright that’s it guys we’re out we’re off to do some Parisian things like stare at the Eiffel Tower

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