A batch of freshly frozen cars arrived from Japan

A batch of freshly frozen cars arrived from Japan


Cars were brought by a ship with the romantic name “Sunny Rio”. Some of them will be disassembled for parts.

Hundreds of frozen used cars were brought from Japan to Vladivostok by ship. The cars have fallen victim to the elements and some of them require repair. Shocking photos and videos of the ship and its cargo are actively discussed on the network. Reported by Drome.

The deck, superstructures and vehicles were covered with a thick layer of ice. Apparently, the car transporter got into a heavy storm and because of the low air temperature, the sea water that got on the deck froze. It is noteworthy that the ship is not at all a winter name Sun Rio (“Sunny Rio”).

Most of the vehicles Sun Rio carries are used compact Honda Jazz and Toyota Tanks, as well as Nissan Leaf electric cars. Some of them even broke glass, and scratches and dents from ice appeared on the body. In some cars, even the interior was frozen and the interior was completely unusable. Some cars can be restored, while others will be sent for dismantling for parts.

Employees of the Vladivostok car market reported that in winter cars from Japan often come in this form. As a rule, sailors are not very careful in knocking the ice off them and they cannot do without damage.

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