A British company, Autotrader released a perfume with the smell of a new car

A British company, Autotrader released a perfume with the smell of a new car


Autotrader British firm has developed a perfume that combines “subtle notes of leather and hard wax”. The authors of aroma sure what that smell in the cabin of a new car. 50-ml perfume bottle costs 175 pounds, or 5 800 UAH at the current exchange rate.

The novelty is described as “fresh and light fragrance”, which aims to recreate the scents of a new luxury car.

“Imagine that you are sitting in the cabin of a new car. Shine of chrome, elastic skin,” reads the description on the website Autotrader. Judging from the photos and video, we are talking about one of the Bentley models.

Last year the perfume house of Designer Parfums introduced a line of fragrances dedicated to Formula 1. It includes three perfumes – Embrace Agile, Fluid, Symmetry, Compact Suspension. The cost of one bottle is 9210 Euro (266 300 UAH).


In 2008, the perfume market was Porsche. A subsidiary of Porsche SE, specializing in the production of various accessories, together with Groupe Clarins’ Parfums Azzaro has created a men’s fragrance “The Essence by Porsche Design”. It opens with notes of juniper and blueberry, and completed the composition of spicy coriander, black pepper, fir, patchouli and incense. In addition to spirits in bottles capacity ranging from 50 to 80 milliliters of the line includes deodorant and shower gel.

Its flavor is also available in Jaguar, which is one of the first to introduce toilet water under its own brand. Unlike the Porsche, the British brand has created a perfume is not only for men but also for women. Among other car companies, who over the years perfume – Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and Cadillac.

Love the smell of a new car? Would you like to smell also?

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