A canadian court has fined Volkswagen for record amount

A canadian court has fined Volkswagen for record amount


The Volkswagen Group continues to receive fines for “Deselect”. This time the prosecution presented the government of Canada and fined the group for 149,7 million dollars – for the country that record the amount of the penalty for a crime against the environment.

As Reuters writes, in December, the Volkswagen Group was charged with importing to Canada nearly 128,000 vehicles that violate the norms of CO2 emissions. The group brought 60 charges, after which he pleaded guilty to violating the canadian law on the protection of the environment.

According to prosecutors, the penalty which got a concern, the biggest for the country the amount of punishment for violation of environmental law. Prosecutor Tom lemon called the penalty unprecedented and said that he is 26 times greater than the previous record punishment.

All the money that the government will receive from Volkswagen, will go to support environmental projects at the national level in major cities and provinces across Canada.


In early December against the group put forward some claims, and they came from the German authorities. According to them, the Volkswagen Group again underestimates emissions diesel engines, but this time we are talking about a new engine EA288 index (main wave “of disilicate” refers to installations with an index EA189).

In mid-January, the Polish office of the Volkswagen Group received another record fine from the authorities because of the diesel scandal, it amounted to 31.6 million dollars.

The scandal began back in 2015, when the manufacturer admitted that they used a special device and software to pass tests for harmful emissions. For all court proceedings total amount of fines reached $ 90 billion. In addition, the group had to recall about 11 million vehicles with illegal SOFTWARE.

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