A Closer Look at Freddie Flintoff’s Bungee Car

A Closer Look at Freddie Flintoff’s Bungee Car


In the Series 28 premiere Freddie Flintoff was dropped off the side of a dam in an ancient Rover Metro. If you haven’t seen it yet go and give it a watch… And here’s producer Dave Morgan going over how they modified the little Metro to take on this mighty stunt. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

all right so we’re here with the bungee car the rover Metro one one for ya Si and one of the producers from the TV show Dave Morgan if you haven’t seen there’s another behind-the-scenes video which was shot on location yeah for the bungee jump at 10:00 Dave stars in there as well just to recap why did you push Freddie Flintoff off a dam in this car there’s a car over there which might be a bit of a giveaway the new aerial awesome how on earth does that link in with the rover Metro well that the atoms probably about the fastest way you can get to 16 yeah for 40 50 K and we thought there must be a cheaper way of doing that and then we did some calculations we did some maths and it works out if you chuck a metro off a dam you go a tenth of a second faster I literally like 2.8 and the Misses at 2.7 seconds proper Top Gear science experiment it’s not just messing around is it top gear it’s really serious education here when did Freddie’s name come pop into your heads we go Oh he’d be up for that because he’s supposed to be you know he’s got the Evel Knievel helmet hasn’t he he’s the Deadeye well he’s the man that can’t be scared so you thought give this one to him see how he fares straightaway I mean I think he just expects it now yeah he just goes what stupid stuff am i doing this week lads if there was a car you were going to choose for a stunt that required high levels of safety and structural integrity it wouldn’t be this how did this car get chosen it was mostly we needed a really light car because you can’t throw huge weight off or down you know ideally you’d want something you think of things like land rovers and things which are built so strong but actually this is too heavy because we need to add quite a lot of strengthening to this because if you throw off I’m on a cop car with one and a half mil steel that is just going to crumple like a crisp packet yes as soon as you get those forces we’ve got seven tons of force pulling through that car yeah so you’ve got at the point when it rebounds at the bottom at that point Monroe’s bans you’re looking at back up to seven tons of force yeah so we stripped it out there’s no engine yeah there’s no suspension yeah you know this won’t go around corners anymore as I just demonstrated when I thought this thing was going to wobble around and it sets that is track-ready actually with that solid to smear completely strange so you’ve got a huge amount of very thick gauge steel inside it straight down the middle you’ve got a central spine that essentially attaches all the ropes do yeah and that takes all the force out of it yeah and then Fred is bolted to I have to say the spine Fred’s bolted to the spine I get it but that’s a bit flimsy isn’t it that’s Motorsport approved we just go we’ll just go with their regulation but if I I said it was a right for it and you get how many em till bungee cords did you have to attach there are five cords yeah we would be like this is the amount of force double it this is the amount of force double it again so that we were super safe and if we lose one rope to rope three ropes we were still safe and then you what start scouring the planet for a dam that’s high alert but I mean there’s a lot of dams in the world yeah but not a lot of them go straight down sure most of them if you think of a dam is scooped out so to try and get a straight down you’re just going to hit the dam yeah so we needed one that sort of went back on itself and there’s not actually that many dams in the world so do one cave yeah so this dam is actually another sixty meters underground really so it’s a full concave shape but the ground is halfway up so when you stand underneath it it’s actually overhangs by about ten meters then you got to get on the phone and convince someone that it’s a good idea to let them jump off your damn I suppose yeah so we’re an interesting first dam we tried some people weren’t up for it yeah but this dam they were just super up for it yeah and I just think they thought what do they usually do they usually just sit in an office and count the amount of water they’ve got I think they thought this was actually her what a cool day it’s something to talk about in the annual newsletter exactly the dam newsletter anyway it was a great great film thanks very much jack

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