A collection of Lancias

A collection of Lancias


Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond pay homage to some truly great Lancias… except, that is, for the Lancia Beta whose rusting qualities were truly legendary! : Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Taken from Series 14 is the greatest motoring show… in the world, and the world’s most widely watched factual television programme. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take a wry look at the motoring world with car news, reviews and test track challenges. Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips!

this is a collection of art of madness of brilliance this is a collection of pornography this is a collection of lung seers but this annoyingly is the Lancia people remember best of all the beta it was made from steel so thin that on a windy day it would actually change shape and it wasn’t much caught in the rain either I mean this was fine yesterday but then this morning we had a bit of a shower and now look at it the fact is though that all Nancy has had problems the gamma for instance exploded every time you turned the steering wheel and then there was the fovea it is a fantastic little car there it’s like driving a Rorty sober with its clever v4 engine a phobia was actually the first Lancia to win the World Rally Championship thing is though when all is said and done it is a very small 1.3 liter front-wheel drive two-door saloon car but it cost when it was new more than the new tiger we forgave the full veer it’s silly price tag though because of what made it great the same thing that made almost all answer is great the way it looked it really is as pretty as the Sun setting over Charlize Theron and then there was the Monte Carlo this was a wonderful time a mid-engined mini Ferrari but because it was actually a Lancia the things that were right were balanced out by the things that were if you so much as looked at the middle pedal the Braves had lockup and you’d crash into a tree Lancia took the thing very seriously so much so that they stopped production for two years whilst they looked for a solution and they found one what they did was remove the brake server so then it had no brakes at all the Monte Carlo then was quite dangerous but in that Lancia way it was so pretty I wanted one more that I wanted my next breath sometimes though Lancias lunacy did produce results did you know Lancia was the first car company ever to sell a car with a monocoque they were the first to offer five-speed gearbox first to ever sell a car was super charging and turbo charging on the same engine first to sell a car Road car with a v6 engine first to sell a car with an electric roof spoiler so they did all these significant mechanical first yes still if you say to anyone Lance they just snicker it’s our latest fall apart hello it’s ridiculous holy moly there’s a bumper come on sir I believe he has yes you need to define greatness and that’s the important thing and just because something’s unreliable doesn’t mean it isn’t great Stephen Hawkins great bloke even though a lot of it doesn’t work I wouldn’t break it to him like but did that’s quick but the principle stands yeah Meryl Streep everybody says she’s a great actress and then she goes and appears in Mamma Mia the worst film ever made but she’s still a great still a great actress have you seen mama Mia yes I have big girl to prove that even the tackiest Lancia is tougher than you might think we have bought this 1982 HPE and I shall now drive it non-stop through the night on a rough rally stage and I shall be racing no not racing been told about that dangerous um driving at the same time on the same track in a similar vintage car this Morris marina right Hammond winner last one still running yep fair enough let’s do it this is not a promising start in dispelling the myth that Lancers weren’t very good yes never doubted it obviously the marina won’t work because these file hateful things are hopeless now you might be saying it’s a Morris marina a pianos gonna fall on it the more eagle-eyed viewer may have spotted I’ve taken the precaution buying a marina that’s already had a piano level so since we were doing serious research we’d agreed that there would be no childish place okay Hammond of hid Hammond okay that’s okay proving what a fine and strong breed of car the Lancia always was hour after hour we continue to not race round the rally stage it’s now as you can see pretty close to dark still literally no force to report absolutely none eventually after not racing some more cutoff memory began to pull ahead course a well-known fact that a piano on the roof aids traction using more speed on a rally special stage but then predictably it broke their top so I went to get some tools to try and fix it the Lancia soldiered on alone but then I got a warning light literally oh no it’s yes look I can’t see through the flames I’m gonna blow this out some Oh God maybe if I sped up like in Memphis Belle no that’s not working I can’t see anything no matter though because he is proof that Lancias are tough and strong and dependable

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