A completely different Tesla Model 3

A completely different Tesla Model 3


Independent designer and youtuber The Sketch Monkey has released its own renders of the exterior of the base version of the American Tesla sedan.

The updated Model 3 is best described as a facelift rather than a completely new model. But this does not mean that the changes are not visible at all. For example, Sketch Monkey has redesigned the Model 3 head panel with optics that are very different from those currently used in the car, and somewhat similar to the headlights of the second generation Tesla Roadster.

The designer has created these headlights in such a way that they easily connect to a small grille, which is located quite low near the bumper. Moreover, the latter also has a pair of thin fins.

Looking at the sides of the Model 3 reveals a new set of wheels, side skirt extensions and a redesigned camera module behind the front wheels. While the design doesn’t show what updates it would like to make to the rear, we can see that the taillights are no longer visible from the front three-quarter corner.

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