A copy of the tow from the cartoon “Cars” was put up for sale

A copy of the tow from the cartoon “Cars” was put up for sale


A resident of Cleveland, Tennessee, put up for sale a replica of the character Mater from the disney animated film “Cars”. The car is built on the aggregates of the “emergency” GMC sample is 1955 and is estimated at 50 thousand dollars.

The inspiration for the cartoon of the master of the tug became International Harvester 1956-1957 years, but for the living machine as the basis and take the appropriate the same historical period, the GMC truck. Machine in fully working condition, and the owner often appears with her on the holiday parades. Engine “of the Master” last year went over, and also equipped with a car DVD player with external speakers.

The current owner of the tug was even invited artist, so he painted the car in the appropriate colours and struck on the door of a company logo Tow Mater Towing & Salvage. In addition, the windshield GMC stuck film from the eyes through which is seen the road. However, to travel like this on a regular is hardly lawful.

In January of this year, the retail chain Walmart has released to advertise the delivery service the movie, which gathered all the most famous cars from movies and cartoons. For example, in the video you can see Lightning McQueen from the cartoon “Cars”, the car of the Flintstones, Batmobile, the DeLorian from “Back to the future” and the car K. I. T. T. from the TV series “Knight rider”.

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