A couple of minutes: what will surprise the new electric Volkswagen?

A couple of minutes: what will surprise the new electric Volkswagen?


Volkswagen has shown a sketch of the Trinity electric car. The first information about him appeared at the end of January 2021, and now only some details of the project have been clarified. For example, charging a halo car will take the same amount of time as refueling a car with an internal combustion engine.

Project Trinity is the conventional name for an electric sedan (or liftback) that will appear in 2026 and will be radically different from those currently offered by Volkswagen. The company calls the project a landmark, resting on three “pillars”: a completely new architecture with advanced software, a simplified component supply system and networked production processes.

Trinity Smart Manufacturing will take place at Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg. The electric platform, which is being developed specifically for the electric vehicle with Audi, will “set new standards for digitalization, range and charging speed.” So, according to the company, filling the sedan’s batteries will only take a few minutes. Beyond that, Trinity has to make autonomous control massive. Already at this stage, the machine provides level 2+, but is technically ready for the implementation of level 4 systems.

However, an autopilot based on a self-learning neural network, constant data exchange with other cars is only a small part of what the future electric car will offer. Volkswagen intends to radically change the business model, so from the factory Trinity will be equipped with all the options available to it. The owners will only have to activate the ones they need. The company will also make money from this, as well as from the sale of electricity and access to charging stations.

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