A crash test that no one has done before

A crash test that no one has done before


After analyzing the recordings of onboard cameras after thousands of accidents, Tesla engineers found that standard crash tests are good, but not always relevant. Therefore, as part of an internal test, the Model Y crossover was hit in the front end tangentially.

Standard crash tests of respected organizations such as NHTSA and IIHS (USA), as well as Euro NCAP protocols and the like, usually include a full and partial frontal impact, a side impact from the driver’s door and a side impact to a pole. At the same time, as shown by the analysis of Tesla data, in real life, lateral tangential impacts often occur. For example, at crossroads, when someone tries to “slip” at a red traffic light at the moment of its switching.

Similar situations must also be taken into account when setting up airbags and impact sensors, Tesla noted. After conducting computer simulations of the collision, the testers moved on to a full-fledged crash test involving a full-size Chevrolet Silverado double cab pickup truck and a Tesla Model Y crossover. that in a collision the loads on the body parts remained within safe values. The data obtained will help to further improve the design of Tesla vehicles and the software of preventive safety systems.

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