A fingerprint on the hood of a Porsche. Now to leave a trace in history – just

A fingerprint on the hood of a Porsche. Now to leave a trace in history – just


To argue with the fact that Porsche is masterful cope with the individualization of a car of its own production – is difficult. Hard to argue with the fact that the fingerprint is probably the most accurate (literally), the expression of individuality. The German manufacturer has decided to find a way to combine these two points.

Of course, to put the fingerprint – option is not the only one. The official announcement stated that soon the client will be able to offer their own versions of “prints”. However, the print pattern is a great marketing ploy to attract fans of individualization.

What is this technology? And how does it differ from ordinary paint or use film with a respective print? The process is similar to printing ink using a printer using the printhead, the paint is applied to volumetric body panels. Automatically and without dripping. With individual injector control is possible to achieve a purposeful application of every drop of paint. Officially used the name “direct method print”.


According to Christian Villa, Vice President of production development, the challenge is to coordinate three technologies: robotics (control, sensors, programming), applied technology (printhead, control graphics) and drawing techniques (the process of applying, paint)”.

So what happens if the client decides to put a fingerprint on the hood of your Porsche 911? After the process of full Assembly this body element will be removed from the vehicle. Then the robot will make a drawing and then the hood will be coated with a layer of clear coat. Then Polish the hood to answer the other parts of the car body, and set in place. It is also important that the print pattern is processed in such a way that this (very personal) information could be misused.

In Germany, this customization will cost 7500 euros. For her performance meets the Department Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, and to order such print will be in March. I wonder what option is offered only for future owners of the 911.

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