A former designer of Rolls-Royce moved to Volkswagen

A former designer of Rolls-Royce moved to Volkswagen


Jozef Kaban, a former chief designer of the brand Rolls-Royce now works at Volkswagen.

Currently, the specialist dismissed from the company Rolls-Royce, but to start their duties at Volkswagen, only since the beginning of July next year.

Analysts believe that the leaders of German car manufacturer for many years tried to individualize every manufactured vehicle. The duties of the new designer can enter designing for Volkswagen and electric cars of VAG-group.


That specialist was not employed, became known in the fall of 2019, about it on official sources announced by the representatives of Rolls-Royce. While it is still unknown what was the reason for the removal from office of a famous designer.

Myself Jozef Kaban said that he was ready to leave the post of chief designer of Rolls-Royce six months after the beginning of the work as “looking for other interests.” What exactly is meant by these words is unknown.

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