“A full tank”: AMC announces reduction in gasoline prices up to 5 UAH/l

“A full tank”: AMC announces reduction in gasoline prices up to 5 UAH/l


The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine said about the existing, it is estimated that the potential reduction in retail prices of gasoline by 3-5 UAH/l. the Corresponding statement is published on the website of the Committee.

31 Mar AMC called to explain the management of the five retail networks of OKKO, WOG, UPG, Socar and “Ukrnafta”.

“The AMC is convinced that is scheduled for tomorrow (31 Mar. – Ed.) meeting with leaders of networks of stations will allow for the next step in the approximation of retail prices for high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel to a level that would reflect a real effective competition in this market”, – said in a statement.


While the Antimonopoly Committee has recognized that the decline in retail prices in the current moment continues. Recall that in the previous week (March 23-27) prices at gas stations decreased on the average by 1 UAH/liter.

As reported by enkorr, after the collapse of prices for oil and oil products, which took place March 6-9, operators station in the most non-revised retail prices of fuel. The reason was more than 15% devaluation of the hryvnia.

C 25 to 27 March first network Glusco, and then by the other major operators have lowered prices an average of 1 UAH/liter.

The volume of retail sales of fuel at filling stations in the first week of quarantine in Ukraine decreased by 15-20%, according to estimates by the largest operators. In April, the reduction can reach 40-50%. According to experts of “Consulting group A-95”, it will have a strong influence on pricing, as sales decline the operating costs of filling stations has grown in connection with the quarantine.


We also recall that AMC regularly expresses concern about the level of prices for petroleum products, making it clear that solidarity with the common social opinion about the coordinated actions of the operators. However, the Committee’s attention is always paid to the five or six companies, in the amount of managing up to 1500 stations. Under the control of the group “Privat” – and it’s about the same number of stations, but only managed from one center, AMC deprive their attention. The only attempt by the AMCU to investigate the activities of the stations are “Private” in 2019 was blocked through the courts. Therefore, for this government, not able to make decisions that have a real impact on the markets, gained the reputation of ineffective authority.

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