A full-wheel-drive electric bike with unique aerodynamics will compete for the world speed record

A full-wheel-drive electric bike with unique aerodynamics will compete for the world speed record


British engineering firm White Motorcycle Concepts has built an electric motorcycle with unique aerodynamics and four electric motors, two of which are mounted on the front wheel. The demonstrator, called the WMC250EV, received a machined aluminum chassis, carbon fiber fairings and adjustable Multimatic DSSV shock absorbers with dual push rods. The motorcycle weighs about 300 kilograms and, according to the developers, is capable of speeds over 400 kilometers per hour.

The photos of the WMC250EV clearly show its main feature – a huge V-Air duct passing through the chassis, which reduces air resistance by 70 percent and improves aerodynamic balance. The efficiency of the innovative system was tested in the wind tunnel of the MIRA technopark, and thanks to this innovation, it was possible to install a D-Drive power unit with two electric motors (2×20 kW) on the front wheel of the motorcycle. At the same time, they not only provide traction, but also recuperate braking energy, directing it back to a low-voltage lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 15 kilowatt-hours.

Meanwhile, the back of the WMC250EV has two more 30-kilowatt electric motors, that is, the total output reaches 100 kilowatts, or 136 horsepower. The chassis is made of aluminum and the fairings are made of carbon fiber. Suspension front (steel) and rear (aluminum) – with reversible swingarms, Multimatic DSSV coilovers and double push rods. Deceleration from high speeds is assisted by EBC front twin 340mm rotors and 310mm rear single rotor, as well as HEL calipers. Wheels are Dymag aluminum wheels wrapped in Pirelli slicks. The electric bike weighs 300 kilograms and is capable of speeding over 400 kilometers per hour.

The plans of the creators of WMC250EV are to set two speed records. Until the end of the year – national, Motorcycle Electric Semi Streamliner British Record, in July 2022 – the world Electric Semi Streamliner World Record. The current record belongs to the Italian Max Biaggi, who in 2020 was able to accelerate to 408 kilometers per hour in a Voxan Wattman powered by a Mercedes Formula E car. Arrivals took place on the runway of the French Chateauroux-Santre airport.

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