A future without people: BMW iX parks on its own and looks for a charging station

A future without people: BMW iX parks on its own and looks for a charging station


The press service of the Bavarian automaker has published a video showing how the electric crossover BMW iX parks on its own and looks for a charging station, as well as a car wash.

It is already becoming clear that the future will be a place where silent cars ply around the city, acting just like people. By this we mean that they will be looking for something to “eat” and after that they will go to the car wash before getting up for their overnight charge.

Making autonomous cars is one thing, but making them work in our chaotic world is quite another.

The new BMW iX electric crossover is arguably at the forefront of automotive technology, and this new video aims to showcase some of its capabilities. The video depicts a typical shopping trip to the mall, except the driver does not park his car. However, the Bimmer itself does not park.

Instead, it connects to an automatic charger where a robotic arm with a connector charges the iX. We don’t know how long he’ll last, but from there he heads to the car wash, which apparently just stands in the middle of the garage. At this point, customers return to the garage and call the car back to the pick-up point, even though it is directly behind them. IX is slowly returning to its original position, now clean and charged up to 64 percent, all this time people have been buying goods. “What a comfortable world we will have in the future” – the creators of this video are pushing this idea.

According to the description of the video, it was filmed in a special location where all kinds of additional sensors and necessary equipment were installed to help the BMW vehicle move forward. This is pretty much a proof of concept exercise, and as such, it overlooks the biggest hurdle for autonomous systems that will exist in real life situations. What about other garage-driven vehicles, autonomous or otherwise? What about nefarious teenagers deliberately trying to confuse the car?

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