A large tesla recall: half a million cars were problematic

A large tesla recall: half a million cars were problematic


Tesla is recalling 578,607 electric cars sold in the US. According to Reuters, citing the US National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the reason is the Boombox function, which allows you to play music and other sounds through an external speaker, including while driving. Because of it, pedestrians may not hear the approaching car and even warning sounds, which can cause an accident with victims.

The promotion affects all four Tesla models – Model 3 2017-2022 and S, Y and X, sold in 2020-2022. The manufacturer, in response to NHTSA claims, said that so far no accidents have been reported that would be caused by Boombox, but nevertheless announced a new campaign at the request of the regulator.

However, it can be called revocable conditionally: the owners of electric cars do not even have to visit the service, as the engineers will fix the problem in the new version of the software, which will be installed “over the air”.

For the past six months, Tesla has been under scrutiny by the NHTSA. In four months, the company held 10 shares, and four of them occurred in the past two weeks. In early February, it became known about an even larger campaign that affected more than 800,000 electric vehicles in the United States: it turned out that the seat belt horn may not work when the car is running and the driver is not wearing it.

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