A lawsuit against Acura owners MDX and RDX resent

A lawsuit against Acura owners MDX and RDX resent


The next statement on the company Acura from repeating the claims of the owners of the RDX and MDX.

In may last year the two best selling vehicles Acura was discovered a serious problem. Owners group Acura RDX 2019-2020 and owners of the Acura MDX 2016-2020 filed a lawsuit, claiming that their luxury crossovers are hesitant when accelerating, sudden rapid deceleration and stopping of the engines. Some even reported suddenly switching to neutral while driving the transmission. In Acura allegedly knew about these problems, but have done almost nothing to address them.

And now the second group of owners of the RDX and MDX filed a lawsuit against the automaker. It turns out they face the same problems, and this time they specifically claim that their vehicles “pose a serious and immediate threat to the safety of all users.” If the car suddenly stall on the highway, it can cause accidents.

In the last trial, in particular, argues that the faulty throttle because it gets an incorrect signal from the accelerator pedal, the engine control module and powertrain module. This leads to the fact that the driver cannot control the throttle. Like last time, a new lawsuit indicates that Acura still refuses to arrange for a review to properly and permanently repair the vehicles.


Even more alarming is the fact that some of the complaints from MDX owners date back to 2016, and Acura still has not fixed the situation. Regarding the problem with the MDX, the manufacturer has released the ballot of the technical support in July 2015, but according to this document, the technical service of the dealer is instructed to update only the software of the power plant.

It is unclear serviced if any of the owners in accordance with the Bulletin, but in any case it applies only to MDX. Earlier it was reported that after the owners have taken their SUVs to dealers, some denied the existence of any problems, others have determined that a faulty control module transmission. Given the growing number of complaints, it becomes quite clear that Acura needs to do something more than just be guided by the five year old service Bulletin. If the company believes that the recall is not necessary, a repair or re-calibration is needed for sure.

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