A loss? Lucid Air spotted on the grounds of the Ford plant

A loss? Lucid Air spotted on the grounds of the Ford plant


The Lucid Air electric sedan was spotted at the Ford plant in Dearborn, USA. I wonder if Ford decided to prepare a real competitor for the expensive, top-end cruiser from Lucid?

The photos are sent by our photo spies without any description, so everything may be completely different from what it might seem at first glance. It’s likely that Lucid’s owner just drove a brand new electric car to work – but there’s probably more to it all.

Most likely, Ford’s keen interest in the Lucid Air hints at the possible introduction of a similar luxury sedan from the Blue Oval. It is possible that under the Lincoln brand, under which Ford produces its premium cars. And given that it was the long-range version of the Air electric car that was bought, it’s hard not to assume: the ambitious Ford will try to beat the competitor in terms of power reserve!

What does the range have to do with it, you ask? Take a closer look: after all, in the picture it is the most “long-playing” version of the Dream Edition, which, moreover, instead of the native 20s, was equipped with 19-inch disks. It was on these wheels that our test editor Tom Moloney was able to drive the Eira without recharging more than 800 kilometers! Maybe Ford bought a car from the first batches on eBay to compare the range with its future models?

And here’s what’s interesting: Recently, Lincoln did showcase a close-to-production Zephyr sedan at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021. True, he supposedly should become a local exclusive that will not leave the boundaries of the Celestial Empire. However, not a word has been said about its power plant yet – which suggests the possible creation of an electric car based on the Zephyr concept.

Recall that earlier it became known about a possible reorganization of Ford, in which the company may create a subsidiary responsible for the production of electric vehicles. Doug Field, a former Tesla and Apple engineer who moved to Ford last year, appears to be in charge of the restructuring plan.

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