A month of quarantine: Renault in the black – remaining in negative territory


In the first month of spring 2020, part of which took place in the mode of quarantine restrictions, the Ukrainians acquired and was able to register 6244 new cars, according to Ukrautoprom. Thus, relative to last year the March of newly registered cars fell by 15 percent. Also March was the most “lean” month of the first quarter.

We will remind, in January the market of new passenger cars amounted to 7.1 thousand units, and in February, almost 7 thousand.

Leadership position in the market continues to retain RENAULT. In March the new cars of the French brand got 1222 Ukrainian registration numbers. Compared to the previous year, March the registration of new Reno increased 20 percent.


On the second place TOYOTA – 661 cars of this brand joined the Ukrainian fleet. From its year-ago result of Toyota fell behind by 21 percent.

The third step of the rating was taken by KIA, the car where their wallets have voted 576 buyers, which is 19% lower than a year earlier.

The fourth position at NISSAN – 353 cars (-38% by March 2019).

The top five leaders of the month HYUNDAI – car 317 (-25%).

A best seller on the Ukrainian market of new passenger cars in March was the RENAULT Duster. In the classification of this model – 619 registrations.

Just in the first quarter of 2020 in Ukraine, its first registration was 20.3 thousand new cars, which is by 11% more than in the same period last year.

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