“A movement that inspires”: where is KIA going?

“A movement that inspires”: where is KIA going?


Not so long ago, KIA announced the change of the logo to a new one. It will use a new font and a new spelling of the brand name. However, apparently, the manufacturer is not going to stop there. Recently, thanks to the intellectual property office of South Korea, it became known that KIA will also change the slogan.

According to the leak, the company’s old slogan, which sounded like “the Power to surprise,” will be replaced with ” a Movement that inspires.” Journalists attribute these changes to KIA’s new plan to reorient ITS global business, known as “Plan S”. According to this plan, the company will enter the era of new mobility, creating a young customer base and promoting the luxury goods market.

At the same time, the new plan involves the development and sale of a new inexpensive and functional electric car and its mass distribution around the world. In addition, KIA is refocusing on the production of compact gasoline vehicles for taxi, robotics and e-Commerce.

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