A new “gigafactory” will be built in the UK

A new “gigafactory” will be built in the UK


Britishvolt invests 2.6 billion in the construction of the first “gigafactory” in the UK on the site of a former coal-fired power plant. On a plot of 95 hectares in Blyth (Northumberland), it is planned to produce lithium-ion batteries, reports cardealermagazine.

The implementation of this project will create 3 thousand jobs. It will be the largest investment in the North-East of England since the introduction of a Nissan car Assembly plant here in 1984..

According to the company, another 5,000 jobs may be created in the supply chain.

It is planned that the “gigafactory” will be an environmentally safe facility with the possibility of using Norwegian hydroelectric power, transmitted for 447 miles by cable under the North sea.

Britishvolt CEO Orral Najari stated:

“Now we can really start working hard and [in 2023] start producing lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. It is extremely important for the UK automotive industry and for the entire [British] economy that we are able to secure the future. The sooner we start, the better.”

The Britishvolt plan was supported by the district Council’s development Department.

As it was reported, in November 2020, 514 cars running exclusively on electric power (BEV) received Ukrainian license plates, of which 481 were passenger cars and 33 were commercial vehicles. Compared to November last year, the number of registrations of electric vehicles decreased by almost 28%, but at the same time, the share of new cars increased, which was 10% against 6% a year earlier.

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