A new kind of battery. They charge 60 times faster than lithium-ion

A new kind of battery. They charge 60 times faster than lithium-ion


Australian company Graphene Manufacturing Group has partnered with scientists from the University of Queensland’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology to develop innovative batteries based on aluminum and graphene. According to the developers, the new batteries are superior to modern lithium-ion batteries in almost all respects.

Aluminum-graphene batteries do not need to use rare earth metals. Such batteries do not burn, withstand colossal currents, as well as a wide range of operating temperatures. The charging speed of innovative batteries, which are already being compared to supercapacitors, is 60 times faster than that of modern lithium-based batteries. In addition, they are able to store three times more energy and are also cheaper.

Batteries based on aluminum and graphene can contribute to the rapid development of electric transport. The Australian company plans to bring the innovative product to market later this year. However, production will initially start with small “coin” batteries for commercial use. The launch of batteries for electric vehicles is scheduled for 2024.

In 2019, staff at the University of Illinois campus in Chicago created the first working prototype of a lithium-carbon dioxide battery. Such a battery has a storage density seven times that of a lithium-ion.

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