A new limousine of the leader of China made its debut at a military parade

A new limousine of the leader of China made its debut at a military parade


China’s leader XI Jinping has attended the parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China. Moved Secretary-General on the new Hongqi L9 limousine.

Hongqi in Chinese – “red flag”. Chinese brand belongs to the state concern FAW and releases government cars for the local elite since 1958.


Compared to the predecessor to the Hongqi HQE, the novelty was replaced by a frame structure on the bearing body. In addition, the proportions have changed, modified body and interior. Although externally the car is very similar to the Hongqi HQE limousine of the sample in 2009, and even kept the design retractive, exterior model L9 have been developed. The difference is manifested in the increased area of glazing, the longer the base, the modified design of the fuel tank, located low threshold and the slope of the windshield.

Traditional Chinese the front of cars the hatch is still combined with the armored body. The mechanism for opening the rear doors against the motion, a La Rolls-Royce remained unchanged as the design DeviceSpecific wheels.

Insiders claim that under the hood of a new limousine retain the earlier V12 volume of 6.0 liters. On models HQE motor gave out 480 horsepower. It is likely that the interior of the Hongqi L9 is made by analogy with the “younger” sedan L5 – analog keys have been replaced by sensors, and the traditional instruments were replaced by digital panel.

During the foreign visits of Chinese leader uses a different limousine Hongqi N501. The model is missing in the Chinese scheme, Hongqi and official information about this car no.


Journalists from China suggest that “class” is designed on the basis of extended Audi A6, the previous generation, but under the hood of an armored version installed 4.0-litre V8, developed on the basis of the engine of Toyota.

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