A new type of motor: up to 8 times more efficient, cheaper in 2 times

A new type of motor: up to 8 times more efficient, cheaper in 2 times


Company Magna International, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive components, has received a grant from the U.S. Department of energy to develop next-generation electric motor designed for electric cars. The project is implemented jointly with Illinois Institute of Technology (Il) University of Wisconsin-Madison (Wi).

According to specifications, the new motor has 8 times to surpass existing analogues in terms of specific power (ratio of power to weight) and be 50% cheaper. Cost reduction will be achieved by avoiding the use of permanent magnets of the rare earth metals. Maximum power prospective motor will be 125 kW (170 HP).


“Reducing dependence on rare-earth magnets solves two major problems that hinder the acceleration of electrification is the supply of raw materials and high cost,” – said the press service of the company with reference to the words of the Director of Magna technology Suomi Kotagiri.

Besides the electric motor the project involves the development specifically for him, transmission and inverter. That is, the result is a complete solution of electric drive of new generation. The content of the project (project scope) include: new materials, cooling system, winding technology, simulation models, engineering control and optimization of a design. Separately emphasized that the motor will first be developed under the standards applied in the automotive industry. Control the cost of the product plan to implement at all stages of development. Will represent the motor for the customer, that is US Department of energy, in 2021.

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