A new type of public transport: electric buses will appear in Kyiv

A new type of public transport: electric buses will appear in Kyiv


A new type of public transport will appear in Kiev by the end of the year – electric buses. According to the tender, the first purchase will include 17 vehicles.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to the procurement service Prozorro.

According to the terms of the tender, all electric buses must be produced in 2022, have a low floor level in the cabin, at least 30 seats and must be equipped with air conditioning. It is also planned to purchase 13 charging stations for electric buses. The total cost of electric buses and basic infrastructure is UAH 319.6 million.

In Ukraine, there is only one manufacturer of electric buses, this is the Lviv plant “Electrotrans”. The company is part of the Electron concern. Lviv residents showed their first electric bus with a range of 220 km back in 2015. Last year, the plant received the first order for 10 electric buses from the city administration of Uzhgorod.

Of the companies present on the Ukrainian market, electric buses are in the arsenal of MAZ, the Polish Solaris and the Chinese brand Skywell. Bidding for the Kiev tender is scheduled for April 2022, so in the spring we will find out which electric buses will enter the city routes in the near future.

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