A plug-in hybrid Lincoln Aviator proved to be stronger than expected


Concern Ford has shared the final characteristics of the new “Aviator”. The hybrid version of the crossover Grand Touring produces 501 horsepower and 854 Nm of torque – 45 HP and 41 Nm of torque more than was announced in November.

The difference in power due to the traditional caution of the American car manufacturers before certification of the model concerns indicate a lower efficiency of the engine, and on the eve of start of sales reveal these characteristics. A ten percent increase for plug-in hybrid rather an exception, because usually the differences are modest: for example, the basic Aviator with a 3.0-liter 405-horsepower (563 Nm) “six” compared with the Nov added 21 Nm of torque at the same power.


Dynamic characteristics of the crossovers Lincoln is not yet released, were not disclosed, the power reserve of the hybrid version on a clean electric, and even fuel consumption of the electrified “Aviator” is kept secret. But we already know that the practicality of the hybrid have not suffered modification with the battery has the same amount of Luggage (from 518 litres to 2200 litres) as the conventional gasoline version.

The Configurator model in the U.S. is already working: the basic Aviator with a six-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive will cost 51 $ 100. All-wheel drive crossover is at least 53 $ 600, the hybrid component will raise the price to 70 thousand dollars, and most are equipped with a Lincoln Aviator would cost more than 90 thousand dollars.

As you Aviator? Would like to see it on our roads?

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