A police Ford – a symbol of racism?!

A police Ford – a symbol of racism?!


Staff Ford wrote a letter to the leadership of the group, outlining the requirement to stop the supply of police cars USA.

In their opinion, cars Ford, issued for U.S. law enforcement, are one of the symbols of racism in the country. Say, in the present time, these cars were discredited, as they were present at the infamous footage with the police, killed during the arrest of an African-American George Floyd. In addition, police cars Ford participated in the demonstrations across the country.


However, the head of Ford refused to stop manufacturing cars for the US law enforcement. In his opinion, because of these machines, the police can ensure the safety of our citizens at the highest level.

The authors of the letter added that the racism of the police became a systematic practice in the United States, and Ford was closely associated with her for more than 70 years. Production of the first police car was established at the Ford plant in 1950. Each year the group produces about 30 000 police cars.

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