A police Ford hybrid setting without loss of efficiency

A police Ford hybrid setting without loss of efficiency


Ford has recently introduced a new generation model Interceptor. This is a special vehicle for US law enforcement. At the moment already collected more than 2,600 pre-orders for the hybrid versions.


Concern about the environment throughout the world creates new trends. Partial and full electrification is increasingly part of our lives. And even organs that were not previously brought public attention to it, become interested in modern technology. So, the police Department has already ordered about 2,600 hybrid Ford Police Interceptor 2020 model year.

According to experts of the manufacturer, demand of the secured efficiency of the hybrid, which will help reduce operating costs for SUVs. Normally use the fuel costs can be reduced by 41%. According to preliminary calculations, the savings for police will be from 3 500 to 5 700 per year for each vehicle.

The first deliveries of the hybrid will begin before the end of this year. Under the hood there is a hybrid system with 3.3-liter engine at the head. Fuel consumption in the city is about 9.8 liters per 100 km.

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