A police officer stopped the chase due to a discharged battery

A police officer stopped the chase due to a discharged battery


And the reason is not lack of engine power: the electric car just… died during the chase.

The electric Tesla Model S appeared on the arms of law enforcement agencies Fremont in may this year as part of the experiment: the suitability of electric cars in General and Tesla in particular to the police. Apparently, the Model S were used quite actively by the police.


But the incident on 20 September, the incident will make them, apparently, to reconsider their attitude to electrocar – or at least to learn when to insert the plug into the socket. On the same evening, officer Jessie Hartman during the chase, found that the prosecution will have to stop sooner than I would like: the Model S ran out of electricity, and on-Board computer notified police that the energy remained only 6 miles of track.

As stated by NBC, a spokeswoman for the police Department Fremont Geneva Bosques, Hartman started his shift at 2pm, the Model S battery was about half charged, so he doesn’t have enough electricity to complete the chase. Given that the message is from Hartman came in at 11 o’clock, the vehicle has performed well.

In addition, according to Bosques, it often happens that officers arriving in the Department at the end of the shift, finish it already for desktops, doing document – and not always bother to return to the car to put it on charging. Whatever it was, journalists were assured that the police are very impressed with the merits of the Tesla Model S.

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Does this mean that the experiment will end with the purchase of electric cars for the needs of police Fremont, is unclear.

How think, whether we have to replant the police on electric cars?

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