A prototype of the most powerful coupe version of the Mercedes-AMG GT took to the test


Spotted at the Nurburgring during the test, the future rival of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. It seems that the Germans do not bet on motor and body.

Judging from the photos, the prototype test is a supercar Mercedes-AMG GT R performance Black Series, from which the company a few years ago refused. He is dressed in a thick camouflage, but even this disguise allows you to see the details, confirming that the coupe became a facility for aerodynamic experiments.

For example, we can consider a new bonnet with a huge air duct, brand new winglets on each side of the front bumper and, finally, an impressive rear wing which has acquired two planes. In addition, the traditional ventilation holes in the front fenders covered with additional “wings”.

Meanwhile, some circumstances (for example, the configuration of the exhaust pipes) do not allow us to conclude that we have before us the final version of the supercar. In addition, photospin some time ago a prototype has already been caught and carried on a somewhat different aerodynamic tail. Accordingly, it is possible to assume that the Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series is in the process of testing key design elements of the body.


As for the power plant, it (and suspension settings) for new products, most likely, will borrow from the AMG GT R Pro. However, the impact of a 4-liter V8, according to one version, will bring to an impressive 700 HP as the main competitor from Porsche.

Rumor has it that the engineers of the Far do not give sleep to the success of their colleagues from Zuffenhausen at the Nurburgring, and the main task of the Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series will be the updated list of Champions of the track. Like it or not, we learn about a year. By 2020, the promise, the word, and the 800-horsepower four-door version of the supercar.

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