A prototype of the updated Renault Zoe electric car caught on tests

A prototype of the updated Renault Zoe electric car caught on tests

French electric car the new (second) generation Renault Zoe will debut in the coming weeks. Reserve French will be 402 km.

With the advent of the electric version of the little Peugeot 208, and is closely associated with German counterpart Opel Corsa-e it is safe to say that the competition of electric cars in Europe is heating up. New turn the story takes after the German brand VW began taking orders for the electric hatchback ID.3, and the Czech Skoda has just introduced a fully-electric Citigo. I must say that Spanish and SEAT is also not “sleep” – yesterday he talked about an electric version of the model Mii.

Renault also does not waste time, as engineers brand is currently putting the finishing touches on a Zoe electric car of the second generation. Despite the heavy camouflage, which was seen on the prototype of the French news, it seems that the exterior will remain unchanged despite the fact that the original Zoe was released about seven years ago.

It’s not so surprising, given that the project Manager Laurens van den Acker a few months ago said that the new Zoe will be a “serious upgrade of the original car, not a brand new vehicle.”

We expect that the new hatchback from Renault Zoe will appear some elements of the exterior of a small model Clio fifth generation. The same car will also share electric vehicles and interior. New Zoe will retain the rear door handle, set high near the b-pillar that probably won’t appeal to all.

It is reported that the Renault engineers are working on some pretty significant modifications. Assumes that instead to adapt the current platform electro hatchback costs the Nissan Leaf, the Zoe 2020 model year will receive a separate, fully electric platform. The reserve will amount to 402 km.