A real “Batmobile” with a gun and a laser sight put up for sale

A real “Batmobile” with a gun and a laser sight put up for sale


On The Car.ru looking for the owner for this “Batmobile” is a copy of the superhero car from the movie “Batman vs. Superman” with a thermal imager, a laser sight and a gun on the bumper. The length of such car reaches six meters and a width of four meters, and its weight exceeded half a ton. The machine is not adapted for ordinary roads because of the huge size of the cities it can only be transported on special vehicles.

The history of this coupe began in 2018, in all that time superhero of a car had “run against” is 120 kilometers. Only there are four of these “Batmobile”, two in UAE and one each in the United States and. The price tag, which supplied this specimen 844 is $ 400.

As engine developers chose a five-liter 502-horsepower V8 coupled with an automatic gearbox.


It is known that brought cars from the USA, where it was used in special events. This “Batmobile” almost wasn’t “stuffing”, and move on it could only be one. Already on arrival the car was modified, giving maximum attention to the electronics and the body. After that, the car was very likely a “clone” movie “Batmobile”.

The car gets automatic doors which are raised and lowered by the actuator, armored glass, quick-release steering wheel in the spirit of racing cars etc. Not without “superhero” chips: the thermal imager with 255-fold zoom, night vision camera, laser sight, and a copy gun which is able to simulate shooting. For her there was a place on the front bumper.

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