“A retired soldier”: the stylish camper from the army G-Class

“A retired soldier”: the stylish camper from the army G-Class


Inside camera fit a folding bed and a kitchen with a sink and microwave. This caravan can be purchased for 69 euros.

SUVs G-Class under the name Puch was produced at the end of the last century, on the capacity of the Austrian plant in Graz, like the model Mercedes-Benz. These cars were sold in Switzerland and Austria. In the beginning of 2020 the German company Lorinser Classic acquired several dozen SUVs Puch for conversion in their homes. Camper without furniture and kitchen costs to customers of 15.5 thousand euros.

Kemper on the basis of the Puch 230 GE 1993 edition is much more expensive. In addition to the high roof and equipped with living space, he pasted film featuring a vintage map of the world. Inside, in addition to all the above, there are many drawers for storage and rag organizers for small items.


The car mileage is 87.4 thousand kilometers, and the movement it leads 2.3 four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 116 horsepower.

In July of this year, the hammer will let another SUV Puch – rare modification of the 500 GE, which was released just in triplicate. The car was designed for conducting of journalistic test drives, so it had to be on the covers of many automotive magazines of the 90-ies.

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