A short film about the Infiniti X60 by zack Snyder

A short film about the Infiniti X60 by zack Snyder


American director and screenwriter Zach Snyder, whose latest film from DC Expanded Universe is more than four hours long, made a short for variety. Inn translation, it is called “Conquer life in style with the new generation of Infiniti QX60”. As you might guess, the video is dedicated to the premium Japanese crossover of the second generation.

The main role in the film was played by Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, winner of the Golden Globe and Oscar nominee. She has over three dozen roles in films and TV shows, including Four Feathers, The Key to All Doors and Chorus, as well as a couple of books, a popular podcast and a premium clothing brand. Infiniti says Hudson is “perfect for targeting” the new model. The manufacturer sees the future buyers of the off-road vehicle (what a surprise!) Successful people: “92% of them occupy leadership positions in business, 62% are actively involved in raising children.

The film will be shown on the Infiniti website and in social networks simultaneously with the world premiere of the car, on June 23 at 20:00 Kiev time. In the meantime, the company has published only a couple of frames with Kate Hudson and fragments of the exterior of the QX60, there is no new information about the car itself.

However, the teaser campaign has already been dragging on since September 2020, when the QX60 Monograph concept was presented. Over the following months, Infiniti managed to talk about the engine, gearbox and new all-wheel drive system, promised an advanced “autopilot” ProPilot Assist and even allowed a glimpse into the cabin. There is only a couple of weeks left until the denouement.

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