A small SUV Suzuki Jimny has caused an incredible stir in the market

A small SUV Suzuki Jimny has caused an incredible stir in the market


A small SUV Suzuki Jimny never felt so good. In the new generation it became fashionable, and off-road ability have not gone away. The model has gained high popularity.

So high that the Japanese automaker fails to meet record-high demand. New Suzuki Jimny every month on average sell approximately 7000 copies.

This figure is several times higher than company estimates. About half of all cars sold remains in Japan. Such excitement at home for Suzuki Jimny the market caused a queue on the SUV up to 10 months!

Home buyers love the Jimny 660 CC engine which is equipped with the basic version. With such a motor allows the compact SUV to fit into the tax and insurance benefits. Approximately three quarters of sales Suzuki Jimny in Japan have on this basic model.


But do not forget about the global market, where new Jimny is also very popular. Except for decent qualities on the road, its compact dimensions make the car quite comfortable urban vehicle, and a striking design even translates into the category of fashion accessories.

But as it turned out, high popularity demonstrates that. After all, the company needs to find a way as soon as possible to meet the growing demand, waiting buyers are not shifted to other manufacturers.

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