A special version of the KIA EV6 electric car was instantly sold out on pre-orders

A special version of the KIA EV6 electric car was instantly sold out on pre-orders


We are talking about a limited special series KIA EV6 First Edition, designed for the American car market. The most affordable electric car in this version costs 58,500 dollars.

In the USA, the KIA EV6 First Edition electric car was sold out on the day the pre-orders began. Such flattering news for itself is shared by the automaker. We are talking about 1.5 thousand special electric cars with an exclusive palette of shades.

Limited edition electric cars start at $ 58,500. The KIA EV6 First Edition is slated for next year, with buyers getting the EVs booked in the first quarter.

For the special edition, Koreans have prepared unique color schemes: Urban Yellow with black seats, Glacier with dark green seats and Steel Gray Matte with black seats. Moreover, the yellow tint of the body and the seats in a rich dark green color have become the signature tower of the limited version of the electric car.

KIA EV6 in the First Edition version can be recognized by the illuminated door sills with the name of the special series, and in the car interior we will find a badge with a number.

As for Europe, electric cars are also in demand in this market. More than 33,000 people have already announced their desire to purchase the new product, which is much more than the marketers predicted. On the home market of the automaker, the number of pre-orders in the first day exceeded the mark of 21,000.

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