A strange prototype of a new Mercedes SL-class caught on the tests

A strange prototype of a new Mercedes SL-class caught on the tests

It is expected that the next SL-class will arrive in 2021, although we’re not sure whether it’s the date of presentation or date of commencement of sales. On assurances of representatives of the company, the car will be more sporty.

Testing baked super-deformed version of the sedan E-class! We suspect that the back seat in this prototype of a luxury car very closely. Actually, this shortened the test mule no back seat, because we believe that this is a prototype for the next SL-class of “smart” disguise.

This is not the first time we see a car like this. At the end of April on the camera was removed from an identical prototype, and we are inclined to say that this is the same car, given its bizarre nature.

If you look closely, there are a few minor differences in the wing skin and door handle driver side slightly shifted, and this car different plate. We don’t know how many test mules built by Mercedes, but in the world there are at least two.

Why try to make fake machine instead of just release to test the real version of the SL of the next generation? Despite the fact that it is very effective disguise, perhaps the SL body is not yet ready for testing. Meanwhile, we know that chic, two-seater sports car will be a new platform.

Details about new SL-class is still small, but the boss of Mercedes-AMG Tobias Moers promises that the car will be sportier than its predecessor, and thus will maintain a high level of comfort. Engine options should include 6 – and 8-cylinder engines using mild hybrid technology, it is also possible to plug-in hybrid version of the model.