A very rare modification Toyota Supra for sale

A very rare modification Toyota Supra for sale


A rare modification of the Toyota Supra the previous generation A80 in the back Targa and the color is Solar Yellow for sale on Craigslist. For a well maintained Japanese car with a hard top 1998 release in original condition asking only 42 thousand dollars, although the price does not include shipping from Australia.

The owner of the Toyota Supra went to the local dealer of Japanese brand, to confirm the exclusivity sold Yellowstone national Park. The car was tested on the database of the Toyota Supra official roster confirmed compliance with the completeness and color of a sports car with the given ID number.

A bright yellow Toyota Supra was produced solely for the domestic market, and the combination of a body Targa, atmospheric engine and the automatic transmission makes the car one of a kind.


The disadvantage of this Toyota Supra for petrolheads will be a combination of four-speed automatic transmission А340Е and aspirated 225-HP engine 2JZ-GE. The lack of a third pedal, a feature with maximum feature Supra with leather interior in the color Solar Yellow. Judging by the registry Toyota, find cool sports car in the rich set and “mechanics” – a real find.

Some specimens Toyota Supra A80 with low mileage in factory condition auctioned for 137 thousand dollars, so the price is 42 thousand dollars for rare Supra Targa doesn’t look too high. The seller of a sports car understands that given the current currency fluctuations and crisis, caused by a coronavirus, picked a bad time to sell and does not exclude that it will leave a “Supra” to better times.

Do you prefer this or the new Supra?

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