A very, very powerful Beetle

A very, very powerful Beetle


On the web portal Craiglist today, December 9, published an ad for the sale of a hatchback Volkswagen New Beetle, which has a helicopter engine.

The cost of the car is $ 550,000, which makes it one of the most expensive beetles in history. The entire front of the car remained the same, without taking into account the modified dashboard in front of the steering wheel. Under the hood, it is worth noting the presence of a 4-cylinder engine that transmits traction to the front axle and works together with the automatic transmission.

Behind the driver’s seat is a General Electric T58-8F gas turbine engine, which is usually equipped with helicopters. The unit weighing 136 kg can produce 1,350 HP. at idle speed, it spins up to 11,000 rpm, and when moving – up to 26,000 rpm.

This power is controlled by a throttle that is located next to the selector “automatic”. For optimal functioning of the engine, a Kevlar tank with kerosene was installed, a thermal blanket was spread under the structure, and the engine itself was fixed on rigid supports. There is no information about the project’s dynamic indicators. The speedometer is marked up to 225 km / h, however, as the current owner notes, when accelerating, the New Beetle puts the arrow in a matter of seconds.

In addition, some time ago, it was reported that the 30-year-old Toyota pickup is sold more expensive than the new Land Cruiser Prado. It should be emphasized that we are talking about a Japanese car made in 1991, which has a mileage of 111,000 kilometers.

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