A what? Electric Chevrolet Camaro sedan?!

A what? Electric Chevrolet Camaro sedan?!


The Chevy Camaro is not doing as well as we would like it to be. Sales of the two-door Chevy have shown negative sales dynamics since 2015, and this trend is clearly not going to change in 2021. The decline in sales has sparked rumors that GM may discontinue production of the model, although the nameplate may be retained on a completely different type of vehicle. It could be the Camaro electric sedan. An independent designer presented his vision of a possible novelty.

Renders are based on the Cadillac Escala concept. This four-door sedan debuted in 2016, wowing audiences with its sleek and flowing lines. The author also used elements of the Bolt EUV front panel when working on this visualization.

This popular electric car has a novelty, for example, “spied” spectacular triangular headlights located low in the bumper. There is a neat decorative grille between them. The image is complemented by a narrow head optics with thin DRL slots.

This version of the lighting technology is close to the Camaro. The taillights have also been extensively redesigned, giving them an original shape and a modern pattern.

A small red RS badge has appeared on the trunk lid, which adds sportiness to the sedan. So far, the Camaro electric sedan exists only on renders. The automaker has not yet made an official statement regarding the appearance of such a model.

So while all the information about the alleged new product is presented by separate rumors. It is expected that such a sedan will not appear until 2024, since the current Camaro will exist at least until then.

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