A world without traffic jams: New Deal Design unmanned capsule

A world without traffic jams: New Deal Design unmanned capsule


California-based design studio New Deal Design has proposed a new way to rid the world’s megacities of traffic jams – the Rolla unmanned capsule, which can be called using an application on the phone. In their opinion, the compact device is ideal for cities and can even replace outdated traditional transport.

Rolla is a fully electric self-contained capsule equipped with four tiny wheels. Judging by the video, it looks like an elevator in dimensions and is designed for two passengers, but at the same time it is completely devoid of doors. There are no seats in the open cabin, but there are four handrails and large displays that show welcome messages, time and route.

Rolla can be used as a substitute for a bus: in this case, a capsule traveling along a pre-programmed route can be stopped with a raised hand. A special button is provided to exit the salon. The device can also be summoned for private trips using an app where the user specifies a destination – just like taxi aggregator apps.

The color of the illumination depends on the type of use: taxi capsules are highlighted in purple, those serving as public transport in yellow, and those purchased for corporate fleets in blue. Front and rear diode panels act as headlights and turn signals.

While Rolla is only a concept that does not have a physical embodiment, but gives an idea of ​​the possible future of public transport. Technical characteristics are unknown, but the maximum speed of the open capsule is probably not high – driving it fast can be simply unsafe. In addition, Rolla is unlikely to be suitable for countries with cold climates, frequent rains and poor roads.

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